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A powerful application with fully loaded features and functionalities for Billing, Inventory and all the Financial activities.

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We Create Things Easier

We are Jain Software Developers® located in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. We do not believes in copying code from one existing software and paste it on another. We ensure that every bit of code programmed for your business requirement is optimized and as per logic. We follow defined, clear & much refined strategy for most of the problems we face while handling business challenges.

Financial Records

FinanceX - A powerful finance management software that is the perfect solution for managing your financial activities. You can organize your cash flow, expenses, daily financial activities and bank accounts in one place.

Track Activities

FinanceX is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports, and since it's actively developed, this financial management software is improving all the time.

Client Support

We provide the fastest customer support facility with 24x7 schedule. Also it will be our pleasure to serve you with full satisfactory output as per your clear requirement. Feel free to contact us regarding any queries.


We provide Star Features

We introduce software with unique and latest features suitable for every organization. We do not believe in providing standard software to every customer. We focus on providing customized software to our clients as per their requirements. We ensure that every customer of ours will be very much satisfied with the software as we deliver perfection with work.


The main feature of FinanceX is that it is user-friendly and easy to understand the details of providing data.

Reduced the paperwork

FinanceX maintains and updates all records and invoices automatically, online record management reduces the paperwork.


Scale-ability is one of the most important advantages of our software that make your business to the another level.


FinanceX provides highly compressed security feature which is important as well as essential for any organization.

Unique Keys

We deliver Uniqueness

Jain Software is located in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. As we provide the best software for finance and accounting with unique and latest ideas. It contains many special features which are useful in real time work life. These features are added to provide satisfaction and ease of work to the customer.

Profit and
Loss Account

All profit and loss records at single place with ease.

FinanceX has an ability to generate reports such as profit and loss statements, balance sheet, and other financial statements rapidly. It allows the user to customize reports according to their demands and requirements.


Execute the beneficial records according to your needs.

The Day Book quality is the star feature in this software as an accounting & finance software must own this as it is a basic need of any business to analyze and maintain a report in the critical financial situation.


Perform statistical analyzation of each working days.

It gives a statistical summary of the data so that the user should get a short summary of the sample and measures of the detailed data. It also does a sensitivity analysis of how one variable may be affected by changes in another variable.


Generate the interest with high speed software functions.

It provides interest information which includes the details of payment from a borrower or deposit-taking financial institution to a lender or depositor of an amount above repayment of the principal sum, at a particular rate.

We Are Logical Thinker
We Are Programmers
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We Are Jain Software

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Our Software is Tailored For

FinanceX is the best software for finance and accounting for various kinds of organizations. It is suitable for every large and small organization to maintain their account sheets easily and with less effort. We provide perfection with ease to our customers.

This software is highly usable in companies, does not matter either it is small or big, but every organization has their own finance department which maintains all the financial and accounts services. This finance department generally uses this FinanceX - Finance management system to maintain all the accounts and finance with ease and efficient work.

Schools also use Finance management system to maintain the accounts of various people like students, teachers, and staffs to maintain the list of their salaries and accounts of schools. It can also maintain the fees and credits taking place in schools. It can also maintain the details of funds and expenditure of schools.

Colleges also use this software to maintain the account details of students which includes the log fees or any extra money credited on the name of the student. In addition to that, it also maintains the various segments credits and debits in college account as named as funds or scholarships. As it is handling this much of fields, it still holds ease of usability in the software.

The various small and big shops use this software for maintaining the financial details or log of the customers which include the log of all the previous shopping of the customers. It also manages the details of transaction done in the name of that particular customer and what are the credits and debits in the name of that customer is done.

Generally, banks use this software in large extinct as banks have a lot of data to store in the field of finance and accounts. They have a lot of customers for which they will have to maintain the data of all the credits and debits in a personal account. In addition to this, it also manages the details of loans issued to a single account and what interest they will have to pay as per the loan.

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Presenting you easy to use management tools which will skyrocket your business to even higher levels. Choose a non-hefty business operation and management. Manage your business seamlessly with Jain Software CRM softwares. No matter what business you're running, our software fit in all business group. We have the utmost solutions for all your management related issues!

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