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A smart software that makes your business progressive

Who is behind all this?

With the right hotel management software, your property can compete against the largest online travel agencies and hotel brands in the world. Through streamlined distribution and increased business efficiency, it’s anybody’s game. Drive more bookings and revenue without having to change how you operate.

"How many times this year have you assigned rooms, checked guests in and out, and other tasks? What if those operations took seconds instead of minutes?"

Our goal is to minimize the amount of time it takes to complete simple tasks so you can focus on what you care about most. Keep an eye on your property with an easy-to-read dashboard. See your hotel’s reservations from a new perspective to maximize occupancy and revenue. Our efficient module allows you to quickly identify which rooms needs attention.

Why Choose Us?

The current hotel distribution market is vast and far reaching. With Cloudbeds’ channel manager you can distribute your hotel’s inventory to more than 300 markets across the globe. From the biggest online travel agencies to the dedicated niche marketplaces, we have you covered.

  • A Better Direct Booking Experience
  • Put Your Hotel’s Metrics to Work
  • Available wherever, whenever
  • Always listening, always improving

Our software can be tailored in

  • Hotels

  • Bar

  • Restaurant

  • Pub

Important Features

Generating Reports

Easily track all the activities running in your property and identify how your property is acting in the short and long-term.

Device Independent

Mobile responsive design allows users to access this management software from anywhere to household their work.

Easy Integration

Can be integrated easily with any secure and flexible API, you can connect to third-party systems and reporting tools.

Full Activity Suite

Generate, print, download, and share production, daily, and financial reports-plus and many more.

Multi-User Roles

Create multiple users with different permissions. Give administrative access only to the right employees.

Group level Analytics

See detailed analytics about how each property performs, and how the group as a whole performs and track growth.

Additional Features

We provide additional feature for better satisfaction

Creative Designs

Best user experience has been used in GoHotel.

Data Analysis

Each data can be analyzed from a pin point of view.

Resposive Look

Responsive behaviour makes GoHotel, device independent.

AI Experience

User can control the software to work as automotive.

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Presenting you easy to use management tools which will skyrocket your business to even higher levels. Manage your business seamlessly with Jain Software Developers. No matter if you’re a hotel owner or a restaurant owner. We have the utmost solutions for all your management related issues!