Social Cause ?

Free Software Development for any genuine Social Cause or Campaign :)

The Jain software Foundation nominated in “Energying Bharat Award ” .The national award recognise and felicitate foundation, who have been working silently behind the scene for a better world.

The Software company working from 5+ years to transform challenges faced by genuine social campaign into digital solution .We have crossed target figure of 350+ digitalization before mid of year 2016 .Many non-profit organizations ,non-government organizations and small societies took benefit from this campaign .Jain Software Foundation have one focused aim : Betterment of Society through Digitalization.


The Self-funded Foundation working behind the scene for NPOs ,NGOs and Societies without intention of publicity stunt.

Few terms:


  • Registered NGOs,NFOs or genuine cause associations can avail benefit of this campaign.
  • Jain Software Foundation always does background checks of Organization before approving application .
  • Jain Software provides 1 year of FREE server and AMC under this campaign .
  • Jain Software reserves the right to reject any application if they found violating general norms of genuine social cause.
  • You can advertise anything on domain & server apart from illegal and spam links
  • If you already took benefit of this social Campaign ,you cannot avail the same campaign.

Join the cause,join the revolution ,please send your proposal on Jain Software Foundation official email global[at]jain.software with Subject “We’re ready-Your-Firm-Name.”

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